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Monday, 9 May 2016

Arcade (PA) Update 3

Arcade (PA) 45 - 104 : Slim Stuart & Reece Shipley's Rainbow Ranch Boys - Asleep At The Switch /  You're Out Of Step With The Beat Of My Heart (1952)

Big Thanks to SS

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  1. Interesting how Reece Shipley, a Tennessee based artist, ended up on a Philadelphia label.

  2. Yes Reece Shipley had Kingsport (TN) 45 - 104 - Milk Bucket Boogie (1952)
    Kingsport (TN) 45 - 106 - Hillbilly Jive With A Boogie Beat (1952)
    Valley (TN) 45 - 106 : Catfish Boogie / Middle Age Spread (1953) All Hillbilly Bop
    He also had a couple of unissued demos on re-issues Comps
    I Love You So Much it Hurts Me &
    In My Hadobe Hacienda
    For anybody who wants to hear rthese go to
    or buy this cd

    1. Reece Shipley has two other records I'm aware of:

      "I Hear Me Talking To Myself" / "World Of Broken Hearts" - Bonus Records (TN) #102 probably issued mid to late 1950's and "Too Big To Cry" / "I Counted The Raindrops" - Spot Records (TN) #1108 issued in 1962.

  3. Yes, I have Valley 106 on 78rpm. My favorite is "Hillbilly Jive with a Boogie Beat," though.

  4. The CD states that "Santa Miss Those Missiles" was also issued in 1962 so I guess on Spot (TN) as well but no prove