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Saturday, 12 November 2016

Re-Ups with improved track list

improved track lists and new links on request

A-B-S (DE) 15/04/16
Abbey (CA) 13/02/2017
Action (TX) 14/08/2016
Academy (IL) 28/10/2016
Acme (KY) 30/06/2016
Acame (AZ) 14/04/16
Ace (MS) 30/10/2016
Acme (KY) 30/06/2016
Action (TX) 14/08/16
AD (IA) 01/07/2016
Airway (OH) 13/04/2017
Alvic (KY) 28/10/2016
Amber (TX) 16/04/16
AMP 3 (NY) 08/10/2016
Andex (CA) 07/09/2016
Arrow (NY) & Arrow (CT) 21/09/2016
Art (FL) 24/09/2016
Back Beat (TX)14/05/2017
Brite Star (IN) Brite Star (IL) 12/11/2016
Baton (NY) 02/12/2016
Carlton (NY) 24/11/2016
Capa (AL) 22/09/2016
Ka Hi (CA) 04/01/2017
Spinett (LA) 02/07/2017
Spinning (IL) 18/08/2016
Swan (PA) 11/11/2016
Tangerine (CA) 14/06/2017


  1. Hi, I sadly lost Tangerine due to computer problems and would love some information as to whether this may be uploaded again. I Luv your site as I appreciate the Instrumentals that show up. Thanks

  2. done sorry I no longer have the Swan & Ace set I lost a hard drive. If anybody has them please post new link in comments.