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Saturday, 4 February 2017

Cactus (VA) 45rpm Rockabilly Hillbilly Cactus (IL)

Cactus (VA) 45rpm A Symbol Of Good Country Music
2105 Colorado Ave., Portsmouth, VA,- 1825 W. Wellington Ave.,  Chicago 13 Ill.

Track List

Cactus (VA) 45 - 104 : Norman Phelps & His Virginia Rounders - Don't Bother Me With Your Troubles (1956)
Cactus (VA) 45 - 108 : Tommy Riddle & His Melody Rangers - When You Kiss Me Darling (1956)
Cactus (VA) 45 - 113 : Norman Phelps & His Virginia Rounders - Good-By Blues (1956)
Cactus (VA) 45 - 118 : Johnny Watson & His Night Owls - I'm Not Crazy (I'm Just In Love) / Let's Rock (Rock Our Blues Away) (1959)
Cactus (VA) 45 - 205 : Tommy Vaughn & His Wonder Valley Boys - Don't Make A Fool Out Of Me (1956)

Cactus (VA) 45 - 206 : Lula Bell Si & Her Country Folks - Stop, Look & Listern / That's What I Love About You (1956)

12 May 1956 Billboard Magazine

Not much information about this label. I'm guessing with the gaps there were more 45's issued?
Any corrections, extra info, please comment.


  1. A bit of info
    See Billboard dated 12 May 1956 (bottom right of page 110) for advert including all of the above discs plus a release by Johnny Watson that I can't locate any further information on.
    I think that the discs need to be ordered per matrix numbers which puts the release numbers order as 204-205-206 then 103-104 – with Johnny Watson ringing up the rear.
    Johnny Watson's 'Let's Rock' is definitely 1958 (in spite of what various sites say) – it seems strange that seven releases were out by May 1956 but there was a full two year gap before 'Let's Rock'. I am intrigued as to it's connection with “The 'Cozy' Label” on White Label WLP8823 – I'll have to read the album notes (when I find it).

  2. Thanks for the 1956 date & the unknown Johnny Watson issue.