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Friday, 5 October 2018

4Star (CA) EP - ED Series

Thanks to Hillbilly Wolf & UncleGil re-up on request.
additions welcome.

VA - 4 STAR - ED-132

A1 - T. Texas Tyler - Ten-Ten-Tennessee Line
A2 - Slim Willet - Mata Hari
A3 - Pete Pike - I'm Walking Alone
A4 - Eddie Marvin - She Wouldn't Do For You
B1 - T. Texas Tyler - That's What You Mean To Me
B2 - Slim Willet - Tell Me Now
B3 - Pete Pike - Yellow Leaves
B4 - Eddie Marvin - Because You've Chosen Me

VA - 4 STAR - ED-133

A1 - Durwood Dailey - There She Goes
A2 - Roy Clark - Stepping Stones
A3 - Frank Simon - Honky Tonk Merry-Go-Round
A4 - The Miller Bros. - Broken Hearted Girl
B1 - Durwood Dailey - I Don't Wanta
B2 - Roy Clark - The Day That I Found You
B3 - Frank Simon - Guilty
B4 - The Miller Bros. - Trailway Blues

VA - 4 STAR - ED-134

A1 - Patsy Cline - A Church, A Courtroom, Then Goodbye (missing)
A2 - Rocky Bill Ford - A little Less
A3 - Wendy Blevins - I Know Now (missing)
A4- Stewart Family - He'll Do For You (missing)
B1- Patsy Cline - Honky Tonk Merry Go Round
B2 - Rocky Billy Ford - You Married For Money
B3  -Wendy Blevins - Happy In Love With you (missing)
B4 - Miller Bros. - Denver Hop

VA - 4 STAR - ED-135

A1 - T. Texas Tyler - I Tickled Her Under The Chin
A2 - Eddie Miller - Married Man's Lies
A3 - Miller Bros. As You Where Standing By My Door (missing)
A4 - Frank Simon - Time (missing)
B1 - T. Texas Tyler - She Wouldn't Do For you
B2 - Eddie Miller - Behind Closed Doors
B3 - Miller Bros. Tulsa Baby
B4 - Frank Simon - There's Still Someone Else (missing)

VA - 4 STAR - ED-136

A1 - Patsy Cline - Hidin' Out
A2 - Eddie Marvin - The Hooligan Kids
A3 - Hank Locklin - Empty Bottle, Empty Heart
A4 - The Miller Bros. - Travelin'
B1 - Patsy Cline - Turn the Cards Slowly
B2 - Eddie Marvin - You're Never Too Young
B3 - Hank Locklin - Who Will It Be
B4 - The Miller Bros. - Ramblin' 'Round

VA - 4 STAR - ED-137

A1 - Patsy Cline - Come On In
A2 - Pete Pike - At My Side
A3 - Jack Bradshaw - Searching
A4 - The Miller Bros. - Water Baby Blues
B1 - Patsy Cline - I Love You Honey
B2 - Pete Pike - A Friend of the Bride
B3 - Jack Bradshaw - What's the Matter With My Heart
B4 - The Miller Bros. - Stepping It Off

VA - 4 STAR - ED-138

A1 - Patsy Cline - I've Loved and Lost Again
A2 - Sammy Masters - Pink Cadillac
A3 - Eddie Miller - You Walked Away
A4 - The Miller Bros. - Who's Gonna Know
B1 - Patsy Cline - Stop, Look and Listen
B2 - Sammy Masters - Some Like It Hot
B3 - Eddie Miller - Patty Cake Man
B4 - The Miller Bros. - Hey Pretty Baby

VA - 4 STAR - ED-139

A1 - T. Texas Tyler - A Boy and a Girl
A2 - Eddie Marvin - I'd Be Satisfied
A3 - Bill Taylor - Jack and Jill
A4 - Patsy Cline - Dear God
B1 - T. Texas Tyler - I Ain't Got a Lick of Sense
B2 - Eddie Marvin - Won't You be Glad
B3 - Bill Taylor - This is the Last Time
B4 - Patsy Cline - He Will Do For You

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  1. How could they fit 10+ minutes on each side at 45rpm? Even with super-microgroove, the volume would have been much lower than the surface noise. And these appear to be for broadcast, so even on rural low-watt AM stations, these would have sounded awful next to a regular 78.

  2. Most if not all came out on regular 45rpm some on Four Star stock label (some on a 4star OP) [Own pressing] That another series I would like to do at so some point. I do have a list of 4star OP if anybody which to compile it? Or on other bigger labels. I'm not sure if these were sent to Dj's for feedback or other record company's to show what was selling locally and may be a big hit? May be both. Dean

    1. One of the scans is tagged 10" so maybe they were larger.