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Saturday, 1 December 2018


improved track lists and new links on request

A-B-S (DE) 15/04/16
Abbey (CA) 13/02/2017
Abbott (CA) 25/11/2017                                                                         Next time you will be faster
Action (TX) 14/08/2016
Academy (IL) 13/11/2017
Acame (AZ) 14/04/16
Ace (MS) 01/11/2017
Acme (KY) 30/06/2016
Acme (KY) 30/06/2016
Acquarius (IL) 13/11/2017
Action (TX) 14/08/16
AD (IA) 01/07/2016
Agar (MN) 13/11/2017
Aggie (CA) 13/11/2017
Airtown (IN) Airtown (OH) Juke (OH) 23/09/2017
Airway (OH) 13/04/2017
Alco (LA) 13/11/2017
Alco (OH) / Falcon (OH) 30/09/2017
Alpine (CT) 13/11/2017
Alta (Fl) (IL) (TX) (WV) 13/11/2017
Alton (NY) 07/12/2017
Alvic (KY) 13/11/2017
Amber (TX) 16/04/16
AMP 3 (NY) 13/11/2017
Anderson (IN) 27/01/2019
Andex (CA) 12/10/2017
Anthem (TX) 27/01/2019
Apache (FL) 20/12/2017
Applause (NE) 30/6/2018
ARA (TN) 13/02/2019
Arc (Ont, Canada Update 1 23/09/2017
Arcade (NY) 01/11/2017
Arcade (PA) 08/06/2018
Arcadia (LA) 13/11/2017
Arlen (PA) 11/08/2017Re-up's
Arlington (AL) 13/08/2017
Arrow (NY) & Arrow (CT) 21/09/2016
Art (FL) 24/06/2018
Back Beat (TX)03/10/2017
Baton (NY) 01/07/2018
B.E.A.T (IL) 13/12/2017
Blue Hen (DE) 01 /03/2018
Bow (NY) 05/04/2018
Brite Star (IN) Brite Star (IL) 12/11/2016
Carlton (NY) 04/07/2018
Capa (AL) 22/09/2016
Cowtown Hoedown (TX)  01/12/2018
Falcon /Alco (OH) 30/09/2017
G&G (CA) 03/10/2017
Hit (TN) 06/07/2018
Ka Hi (CA) 23/09/2017
Palace (PA) 05/01/2018
Skyrocket (PA) 18/09/2018
Spinett (LA) 10/10/2017
Spinning (IL) 23/09/2016
Swan (PA) 01/07/2018
Tangerine (CA) 06/07/2018


  1. Greetings,

    Can you repost Hit & Back Beat?

    Thank you,

  2. Maybe I'm too early (or too late), but Capehart (CA) isn't up yet, or expired already.
    Have you ever come across a NYC label: Almont? I'm specifically interested in "Poor Little Ole Me" by The Ramblers.
    Label discography:

  3. Hit Backbeat Time, time , time! When I have more time. Or if somebody has original files email me. I have some Capehart & some Almont 45's.
    If you wish to help with these labels email what you have & I'll do a topic for each. I do not have "Poor Little Ole Me" by The Ramblers.

  4. Arlen (PA) again i will do when I have more time. Unless someone can email me a link to the original file.

  5. Please re-up the Swan (PA) files - unfortunately I discovered this great collection after the files had expired. Thank you. I love this Blog.