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Friday, 28 July 2017

Hit (TN) 45rpm Teen , Doo-Wop, R'N'R

Thanks To SS Corrections additions welcome

Hit Records Label - Nashville, TN  (1962-1969)

Hit Records
Nashville-based label founded in 1962 by producer William Beasley which specialized in releasing cover versions on 45 RPM singles usually sold for a list price of 39 cents (less than half the price of the major label originals) in five-and-dime stores and supermarkets. 

Its Nashville home base gave the label access to top-notch musicians and vocalists (many of which cut their teeth working on these cover versions including Ray Stevens, Sam Moore (later of Sam And Dave), Sandy Posey and Bobby Russell). Dick Martin (of Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In fame is also alleged to have done novelty record covers for the company. 

The company, facing competition from Pickwick among other budget labels, shut down in 1969. Its singles have become highly collectable in recent years, with some commanding fairly high prices on the collector market. 

It also had a sublabel called Country and Western Hits, and Giant Records which released cover versions of the country hits the day. More 
Holiday Hits, Modern Sound
Parent Label:
Spar Records


Allen, Jason & Gigolos - She's Just My Style.mp3 BCC06BCA
Amy & Jarretts - Johnny Loves Me (Stereo).mp3 ABEFA950
Anderson, Marty - One Dyin' And A Buryin' (Stereo).mp3 BB94C88A
Arndt, Bill - Breaking Up Is Hard To Do.mp3 6BCD707A
Atkinson, Sandy - Mama Sang A Song (Stereo).mp3 E2C7CD51
Austin, Bill - Dear One.mp3 078858B2
Austin, Bill - Shout.mp3 ECDE14A3
Austin, Bill - Shout Shout (Knock Yourself Out).mp3 25367681
Austin, Bill - You Can Never Stop Me Loving You (Stereo).mp3 FE17F7D7
Baker, Sam & Nancy Cohen (Sam of Sam & Dave) - Once Upon A Time (Stereo).mp3 E17971FA
Baker, Shari - Don't Forget I Still Love You (Stereo).mp3 F93083DA
Bare, Charlie - King Of The Road (Stereo).mp3 EB4ED72C
Beagles - Can't Buy Me Love (Stereo).mp3 EFDF7B46
Beasts - Sha La La La La (Stereo).mp3 6C8FEC1A
Belles - Sally Go 'Round The Roses (Stereo).mp3 3A489014
Belles - The Boy Next Door (Stereo).mp3 74BB2484
Belles - You Don't Have To Be A Baby To Cry (Stereo).mp3 A8FC33ED
Bob & Bobbie - Hey Paula (Stereo).mp3 00FF07C8
Bob & Bobbie - Young Lovers (Stereo).mp3 E15AA42F
Bobby & Buddy - Bless You Little Girl.mp3 A045FF88
Bobby & Buddy - Michelle.mp3 0266F760
Bobby & Buddy - Woman (Stereo).mp3 2DA556B2
Bobby & Connie - Something Stupid (Stereo).mp3 93259684
Boll Weevils - My Bonnie (Stereo).mp3 6F8B7538
Boll Weevils - Please Please Me (Stereo).mp3 58B53769
Bradley, Berry - That Sunday,That Summer (Stereo).mp3 5E3B1AAF
Brooks, Bobby - Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying (Stereo).mp3 D34F2ACA
Brooks, Bobby - England Swings (Stereo).mp3 953593DE
Brooks, Bobby - Hearts Are Funny Things (Stereo).mp3 2AA942E0
Brooks, Bobby - I'll Touch a Star (Stereo).mp3 BC5A1CE1
Brooks, Bobby - It Hurts To Be In Love.mp3 7E109A28
Brooks, Bobby - Last Kiss (Stereo).mp3 4B751370
Brooks, Bobby - Mountain Of Love (Stereo).mp3 9C6D9359
Brooks, Bobby - My Heart Belongs To Only You (Stereo).mp3 D26FA1BF
Brooks, Bobby - See The Funny Little Clown.mp3 98772089
Brooks, Bobby - She's Come Of Age (Stereo).MP3 E55573C8
Brooks, Bobby - Tell Me Why (Stereo).mp3 0E2E58F0
Brooks, Bobby - Wise Like Soloman (Stereo).mp3 589BEABA
Brooks, Boby - A Summer Song (Stereo).mp3 E5D88713
Brooks, John - Soul & Inspiration (Stereo).mp3 5CEEAC0F
Brown, Fred X - Can't Get Used To Losing You (Stereo).mp3 C713F261
Brown, Fred X - It Keeps Right On A Hurtin' (Stereo).mp3 B19F04CF
Brown, Fred X - The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (Stereo).mp3 B7354641
Brown, Ritchie - Uptight (Stereo).mp3 6E82F7E1
Buchanans - Kind Of a Drag (Stereo).mp3 E1862C35
Bugs - She Loves You (Stereo).mp3 8468C44F
Bugs - Twist and Shout (Stereo).MP3 33232436
Campbell, John   If You Want To Be Happy (Stereo).mp3 5AE3E8ED
Carmichael, Bill - It's Up To You (Stereo).mp3 0495F2B2
Carmichael, Bill - Limbo Rock (Stereo).mp3 B10DCEA8
Carmichael, Sandy - Don't Go Near The Indians.mp3 F35482FA
Cash, Bobby - Do Wah Diddy Diddy (Stereo).mp3 A5A417AB
Cash, Joe - The Night Has A Thousand Eyes.mp3 6195DFA0
Chellows   Ain't That a Shame (Stereo).mp3 09803DFD
Chellows - Barbara Ann.mp3 D6971121
Chellows - Big Girls Don't Cry (Stereo).mp3 F280EACF
Chellows - Bus Stop.mp3 BC9CDF6D
Chellows - California Girls (Stereo).mp3 C29E09B8
Chellows - Candy Girl (Stereo).mp3 02B81A14
Chellows - Cherish.mp3 B9067D5A
Chellows - Dawn (Go Away) (Stereo).mp3 349F2DCD
Chellows - Get Me To The World On Time (Stereo).mp3 9B5CF48F
Chellows - Gloria.mp3 9D56E1C4
Chellows - Him Or Me (What's It Gonna Be) (Stereo).mp3 4EDF6311
Chellows - Holiday (Stereo).mp3 A31861A5
Chellows - Little Bit Of Soul (Stereo).mp3 B1F2A964
Chellows - Nashville Cats (Stereo).mp3 2A075611
Chellows - Never My Love (Very Poor Quality).mp3 F8E5B6A0
Chellows - Reach Out I'll Be There (Stereo).mp3 4A691E8B
Chellows - Somebody To Love (Stereo).mp3 A98680D5
Chellows - Stay (Stereo).mp3 0054ED3F
Chellows - Sun Will Still Shine (Stereo).mp3 D4AC6508
Chellows - Sure Gonna To Miss Her (Stereo).mp3 F2DDE9EF
Chellows - The Cheater (Stereo).mp3 A0F61965
Chellows - Walk Like A Man.mp3 856027EC
Chellows - Western Union (Stereo).mp3 09BDE6F4
Chellows - Wild Thing.mp3 DC861821
Chellows - Working My Way Back To You (Stereo).mp3 46F78C06
Chellows - You Make The Decisions.mp3 BF154504
Chords - A Groovy Kind Of Love (Stereo).mp3 B6A5FA65
Chords - Born To Be Wild (Stereo).mp3 B31ADD00
Chords - Creeque Alley (Stereo).mp3 62498313
Chords - Dandy (Stereo).mp3 F8D3D964
Chords - Dedicated To The One I Love (Stereo).mp3 A6599E09
Chords - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (Stereo).mp3 DCA039F0
Chords - Don't You Care (Stereo).mp3 E2A6BC29
Chords - Fever.mp3 AA306804
Chords - Have You Been There (Stereo).mp3 766E29B8
Chords - Have You Seen Your Mother Baby (Stereo).mp3 807D9B55
Chords - Hello I Love You (Stereo).mp3 64B94796
Chords - Hush (Stereo).mp3 AF70C19D
Chords - I Can Take Or Leave Your Loving (Stereo).mp3 551EF9E9
Chords - Incense & Peppermints (Stereo).mp3 FD228A1D
Chords - Jolly Green Giant (Stereo).mp3 1A5C8CD5
Chords - Listen People.mp3 EEE5D8F1
Chords - Magic Carpet Ride (Stereo).mp3 713096F7
Chords - Mirage (Stereo).mp3 F540E547
Chords - Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter (Stereo).mp3 91C21476
Chords - Sunshine Of Your Love.mp3 31D99C75
Chords - Two Plus Two (Stereo).mp3 2B1C08BD
Chords - Up, Up & Away (Stereo).mp3 E8C7669B
Chords - Where Were You.mp3 8D8A19D1
Chords - White Rabbit (Stereo).mp3 0767C8CF
Chords - You Got What It Takes (Stereo).mp3 BFEDE2B6
Christopher, Tony - What Will My Mary Say (Stereo).mp3 C47F9F60
Clara & Cleftones - Our Day Will Come (Stereo).mp3 DF0DEBA7
Clark, Frank   Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days Of Summer.mp3 6647AF94
Clark, Frank - Ramblin' Rose (Stereo).mp3 B0A18879
Classmates - Crimson & Clover (Stereo).mp3 3CE13B3D
Classmates - It's A Beautiful Morning (Stereo).mp3 0963FBFC
Classmates - Tighten Up (Stereo).mp3 FEB46FEF
Concords - Diane (Stereo).mp3 E6AD2B63
Connie & Clara - I Will Follow Him.mp3 FF5688A1
Dacrons - Don't Hang Up (Stereo).mp3 C4D134A7
Dacrons - He's So Fine.mp3 7405447F
Dacrons - South Street.mp3 73C65693
Dacrons - Then He Kissed Me (Stereo).mp3 6919B1B1
Dee, Connie - A Second Hand Love (Stereo).mp3 9D262322
Dee, Connie - Be Anything (But Be Mine) (Stereo).mp3 4CA6BE3B
Dee, Connie - Everybody Loves Me But You (Stereo).mp3 4C158C27
Dee, Connie - Hello Heartache, Goodbye Love (Stereo).mp3 14AA87E5
Dee, Connie - Look Of Love (Stereo).mp3 53F30624
Dee, Connie - Navy Blue (Stereo).mp3 A092ACC3
Dee, Connie - Ring Telephone.mp3 A5F8AFB2
Dee, Connie - She's a Fool (Stereo).mp3 87489C81
Dee, Connie - That's The Way Boys Are (Stereo).mp3 95670424
Dee, Connie - Whisper Tell Me Sweetly (Stereo).mp3 9DD9157F
Dexter, Larry - Ruby Baby (Stereo).mp3 E9364746
Dickens, Ricky - Daisy Petal Pickin' (Stereo).mp3 EBF601DF
Dickens, Ricky - If I Had a Hammer (Stereo).mp3 92806827
Dickens, Ricky - Midnight Mary (Stereo).mp3 67FE0CC4
Dickens, Ricky - Sugar Shack.mp3 593B086C
Doodles   I Want To Hold Your Hand (Stereo).mp3 1C4164A0
Dotty & Dan - I'm Leaving It Up To You.mp3 85FEA470
Dotty & Dan - Stop & Think It Over (Stereo).mp3 32B42B88
Dugan, Denny - Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss) (Stereo).mp3 0FF0D834
Dunn, John - Ahab The Arab (Stereo).mp3 0F7328DF
Fantastics - 1 2 3 Red Light (Stereo).mp3 97E9212F
Fantastics - Cowboys To Girls (Stereo).mp3 088D8459
Fantastics - Here Comes My Baby.mp3 D058353D
Fantastics - Light My Fire.mp3 D4A594C0
Fantastics - Pata Pata (Stereo).mp3 850F630E
Fantastics - People Are Strange.mp3 25CB4551
Fantastics - Valleri (Stereo).mp3 BFFFB585
Fantastics - White Room (Stereo).mp3 E4757E6E
Fantastics - Whiter Shade Of Pale (Stereo).mp3 E3EB8151
Flower Sisters - Chapel Of Love (Stereo).mp3 A55C61A8
Flower Sisters - People Say.mp3 2BB5B02B
Flowers - The Rain, The Park & Other Things (Stereo).mp3 402865F2
Four Chellows - Sherry (Stereo).mp3 7F4D37AB
Fowler, Ray - What'd I Say (Stereo).mp3 136C1639
Fox, Barney - Teenage Idol (Stereo).mp3 456DDE7A
Fox, Sammy - Monkey Time (Stereo).mp3 AB6C491F
French, Lisa - The Name Game (Stereo).mp3 C35F7BF4
Frolic, Harvey - Dang Me (Stereo).mp3 A2A0E5A8
Frolic, Harvey - Matador (Stereo).mp3 760230B7
Frolic, Harvey - Midnight Special (Stereo).mp3 A40CF888
Frolic, Harvey - Talking About My Baby (Stereo).mp3 7C9DC1AB
Frolic, Harvey - Things (Stereo).mp3 A57D5F86
Frolic, Henry - On Top Of Spaghetti.mp3 C46F2FE3
Frolic, Henry - Ring Of Fire (Stereo).mp3 90EAB73E
Gaines, Peggy - Gravy (Stereo).mp3 3880BCE4
Gaines, Peggy - Playboy (Stereo).mp3 E7D0C126
Gaines, Peggy - Ride.mp3 8F0FC96C
Gaines, Peggy - Tell Him (Stereo).mp3 32F6BE90
Gaines, Peggy - The Loco-Motion.mp3 48DEC83A
Gentrys - Keep On Dancin'.mp3 BF077A5C
Georgettes - Be My Baby (Stereo).mp3 B7607329
Georgettes - Quicksand (Stereo).mp3 8B4B7837
Gibson, Dave -  I Saw Linda Yesterday (Stereo).mp3 88201D1F
Gleams - He's A Rebel.mp3 A05492F0
Gold, Sandy - Sheila (Stereo).mp3 36A33573
Grundy, Dave - Green Onions (Stereo).mp3 2C069DFC
Hank's Hounds - Just A Little Bit Better.mp3 C87648C1
Hardin, Ed   For You.mp3 D26C4CE4
Hardin, Ed   Goodnight (Stereo).mp3 9E46C1A7
Hardin, Ed - Bad To Me (Stereo).mp3 F7B11C73
Hardin, Ed - By The Time I Get To Phoenix.mp3 701790BC
Hardin, Ed - Drip Drop (Stereo).mp3 2C221BA4
Hardin, Ed - Follow That Dream (Stereo).mp3 2ED94F2C
Hardin, Ed - From a Window.mp3 AA31A00B
Hardin, Ed - Good Thing (Stereo).mp3 C92234F1
Hardin, Ed - It's Too Late.mp3 E0D3F02D
Hardin, Ed - Little Children (Stereo).mp3 7C5272DC
Hardin, Ed - Love Came To Me.mp3 75CC9746
Hardin, Ed - Lovers Who Wonder (Stereo).mp3 05AFDD4B
Hardin, Ed - Memphis (Stereo).mp3 1E6D0E30
Hardin, Ed - My World Is a Blue World (Stereo).mp3 8017FCC7
Hardin, Ed - One Broken Heart For Sale (Stereo).mp3 0D282533
Hardin, Ed - Only Love Can Break a Heart (Stereo).mp3 2037814E
Hardin, Ed - Release Me (Stereo).mp3 60FF9856
Hardin, Ed - Return To Sender.mp3 2A0DA904
Hardin, Ed - Such a Night (Stereo).mp3 1F093BE0
Hardin, Ed - Sure Gonna Miss Her.mp3 48C75EC9
Hardin, Ed - Suspicion (Stereo).mp3 09CE3E37
Hardin, Ed - That's All That's Important Now.mp3 6DF49AFB
Hardin, Ed - Young World (Stereo).mp3 A572CE58
Hardin, Ed (Rett) - You're The Reason I'm Living (Stereo).mp3 78A12986
Harris Brothers - The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine (Stereo).mp3 72A76605
Harris, Ed - Donna The Prima Donna.mp3 BE653DA9
Harris, Jackie & Giants - Can't You Hear My Heartbeat (Stereo).mp3 93499D5C
Harris, Wayne - Devil In Disguise (Stereo).mp3 9F31D947
Harris, Wayne - For Me.mp3 C12B2E92
Harris, Wayne - Forget Him.mp3 C739C6DB
Harris, Wayne - Wonderful! Wonderful! (Stereo).mp3 105A706C
Henry, Thomas   So Much In Love (Stereo).mp3 A18BCA63
Henry, Thomas - Um Um Um Um Um Um (Stereo).mp3 DDAB80D4
Hess, Fred   Big Windy City (Stereo).mp3 EA75A09E
Hess, Fred   You're Not The Same Now.mp3 DE2033D3
Hess, Fred - Count Me In (Stereo).mp3 C6B72CB2
Hess, Fred - This Diamond Ring.mp3 61FD4208
Hester, Dot - My Boyfriend's Back (Stereo).mp3 E810F1E8
Holiday, Sandy - Making A Fool Of Myself {Stereo}.mp3 60364670
Houstons - Where Did Our Love Go.mp3 4C024807
Hunter, Herbert - Dancin' Party (Stereo).mp3 F65549B6
Hunter, Herbert - Hello, Dolly! (Stereo).mp3 B15E1261
Hunter, Herbert - Hide Nor Hair.mp3 85076994
Hunter, Herbert - I Can't Stop Loving You.mp3 F4D7A0C8
Hunter, Herbert - Loop De Loop (Stereo).mp3 E9030C9E
Hunter, Herbert - Lover Please (Stereo).mp3 2415B8D8
Hunter, Herbert - Take These Chains From My Heart.mp3 469BBBBF
Hunter, Herbert - The Right String Baby But The Wrong Yo Yo.mp3 F6BE0DF9
Hunter, Herbert - The Twist.mp3 0E4E2AF0
Hunter, Herbert - Twist It Up (Stereo).mp3 3C017DE5
Hunter, Herbert - Twist Twist Senora (Stereo).mp3 AD7A16B9
Hunter, Herbert - You Don't Know Me.mp3 7A8EF35F
Hunter, Herbert (aka Leroy Jones) - Twistin' The Night Away (Stereo).mp3 4D650241
Hunter, Herbert (W Peggy Gaines) - Slow Twistin' (Stereo).mp3 700D97C6
Jackie & Giants - Ford G.T. (Stereo).mp3 FB648F6B
Jackie & Giants - I Go To Pieces (Stereo).mp3 37D267AA
Jackie & Giants - Turn, Turn, Turn (Stereo).mp3 C010C0BE
Jalopy - Five Eight Days A Week.mp3 F195A7D8
Jalopy Five - 98.6 (Stereo).mp3 D9CFE327
Jalopy Five  - Day Tripper.mp3 7625AA30
Jalopy Five - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (Stereo).mp3 DC7E228E
Jalopy Five - A Hard Day's Night (Stereo).mp3 E5040EF8
Jalopy Five - All You Need Is Love.mp3 DB9E35BA
Jalopy Five - And I Love Her (Stereo).mp3 E11E68A7
Jalopy Five - Be Yourself (Stereo).mp3 3744007A
Jalopy Five - California Dreamin' (Stereo).mp3 A2087075
Jalopy Five - Can't You See That She's Mine (Stereo).mp3 D5F93C22
Jalopy Five - Catch Us If You Can.mp3 825F674A
Jalopy Five - Cry Like a Baby (Stereo).mp3 4E8633BE
Jalopy Five - Dandelion.mp3 4982296F
Jalopy Five - Daydream Believer.mp3 58391FA0
Jalopy Five - Did You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind (Stereo).mp3 F821F3D4
Jalopy Five - Drag City (Stereo).mp3 1EC68447
Jalopy Five - First Impressions (Stereo).mp3 896A5B52
Jalopy Five - Fun,Fun,Fun (Stereo).mp3 796B8492
Jalopy Five - Get Off My Cloud.mp3 8744C5EF
Jalopy Five - Glad All Over (Stereo).mp3 09A1878B
Jalopy Five - Groovin' (Stereo).mp3 2F973144
Jalopy Five - Help! (Stereo).mp3 3F9A3FFC
Jalopy Five - Hurdy Gurdy Man (Stereo).mp3 7C9DC7BC
Jalopy Five - I Feel Fine.mp3 B6446AFD
Jalopy Five - I Like It Like That.mp3 D1191ECC
Jalopy Five - I'm a Believer (Stereo).mp3 CB8D7551
Jalopy Five - Last Train To Clarksville.mp3 9B643CDB
Jalopy Five - Little Honda (Stereo).mp3 C3686043
Jalopy Five - Little Red Riding Hood (Stereo).mp3 1FCC2324
Jalopy Five - Monday Monday (Stereo).mp3 DA3930D8
Jalopy Five - Music To Watch Girls By (Stereo).mp3 73B1FB8E
Jalopy Five - Nowhere Man (Stereo).mp3 7F0086C1
Jalopy Five - Paint It Black (Stereo).mp3 12A82F9C
Jalopy Five - Psychotic Reaction.mp3 215E8D55
Jalopy Five - She's a Woman (Stereo).mp3 29FA24E3
Jalopy Five - Simon Says (Stereo).mp3 A052FE9D
Jalopy Five - Sloop John B (Stereo).MP3 95B25ECE
Jalopy Five - Sock It To Me Baby (Stereo).mp3 EC4F663B
Jalopy Five - Surf City (Stereo).mp3 666C9898
Jalopy Five - Surfer Girl (Stereo).mp3 F9513332
Jalopy Five - The Hair On My Chinny Chin Chin (Stereo).mp3 76CEFCE2
Jalopy Five - This Magic Moment (Stereo).mp3 7AB3684B
Jalopy Five - Tiger In My Tank (Stereo).mp3 76C98437
Jalopy Five - Windy (Stereo).mp3 DDA4F43B
Jalopy Five - Wooly Bully (Srereo).mp3 F7F6E6C8
Jalopy Five - Yellow Submarine.mp3 9DCF1201
Jalopy Five - Yesterday.mp3 0F4AB2A4
Jalopy Five - Young Girl (Stereo).mp3 3812D207
Jalopy Five - Yummy Yummy Yummy (Stereo).mp3 26CBF476
Jalopy Five & Johnny - California Street (Stereo).MP3 968FF248
Jarrett, Charlie   Old Rivers (Stereo).mp3 4EC9004F
Jenny & Jewels - Baby Love (Stereo).mp3 902C14A7
Jenny & Jewels - In And Out Of Love.mp3 A20342D1
Jenny & Jewels - Love Child (Stereo).mp3 86596824
Jenny & Jewels - Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart.mp3 89112B5B
Jimmy & Joe - Surf City (Stereo).mp3 310372B2
Jimmy, Joe & Betty - Puff (The Magic Dragon).mp3 A77DA0B6
Jimmy, Wayne & Betty - Blowin' In The Wind (Stereo).mp3 71C1F24F
Jimmy, Wayne & Betty - Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (Stereo).mp3 50942FFF
Johns, Lucille - Release Me (Stereo).mp3 CC9AFA92
Jones, Leroy - Another Saturday Night (Stereo).mp3 04A5BD94
Jones, Leroy - Baby Don't You Do It (Stereo).mp3 88E0230A
Jones, Leroy - Baby Workout (Stereo).mp3 B0FF1D04
Jones, Leroy - C'mon & Swim (Stereo).mp3 908F67B7
Jones, Leroy - Do You Love Me (Stereo).mp3 91EDA8BA
Jones, Leroy - Hey Girl (Stereo).mp3 D81ED640
Jones, Leroy - Hold What You've Got (Stereo).mp3 8E9B84A6
Jones, Leroy - It's All Right (Stereo).mp3 84501517
Jones, Leroy - Let's Limbo Some More (Stereo).mp3 F92C7EFA
Jones, Leroy - Loddy Lo (Stereo).mp3 C9EFF59B
Jones, Leroy - No One (Stereo).mp3 88B82CD5
Jones, Leroy - Satisfied Mind (Stereo).mp3 D0D9E620
Jones, Leroy - Send Me Some Lovin' (Stereo).mp3 37AD131A
Jones, Leroy - Someday.mp3 E70C9F89
Jones, Leroy - Tell It Like It Is.mp3 A74A4E7B
Jones, Leroy - When A Man Loves A Woman (Stereo).mp3 732A86BA
Jones, Leroy - You Don't Want My Love (Stereo).mp3 DB91066A
Jones, Mary - Walk On By (Stereo).mp3 0BA385AE
Kadez, I. - Louie, Louie (Stereo).mp3 D70D6BE5
Kay, Joanne - Wonderful Summer (Stereo).mp3 D2E88CA3
Keaton, Johnny - PT 109.mp3 2E1AE665
Kennedy, John Fitzgerald - A Memorial Album (Pt. 1).mp3 8EF3E12D
Kennedy, John Fitzgerald - A Memorial Album (Pt. 2) (Skip Wildly).mp3 D64B6D28
Killibrew, George - Half Heaven Half Heartache.mp3 A26C6FC2
Killibrew, George - She's Not You (Stereo).mp3 8C6B87AF
King, Joe - Mellow Yellow (Stereo).mp3 F0EFC527
Landers, Connie   He Thinks I Still Care (Stereo).mp3 C6874DF4
Landers, Connie - Bobby's Girl (Stereo).mp3 4220067F
Landers, Connie - Follow The Boys (Stereo).mp3 898C85A6
Landers, Connie - Heart In Hand (Stereo).mp3 FBB34D0D
Landers, Connie - I'm Gonna Be Warm This Winter.mp3 62990BAD
Landers, Connie - It's My Party (Stereo).mp3 BD9E7FA3
Landers, Connie - My Coloring Book.mp3 60F6FE35
Landers, Connie - Shake Me, I Rattle (Stereo).mp3 F3A5F2FD
Landers, Connie - Vacation (Stereo).mp3 7D55AAA8
Lattimore, Benny - Snap Your Fingers.mp3 D71145E9
Lucas, Mitch - Patches (Stereo).mp3 5A424A41
Martin, Dick - Hello Mudduh, Hello Fadduh!.mp3 C620FDCD
Martin, Woody - My Dad (Stereo).mp3 B51DF9B3
Mary Sue & Trams - Dancing In The Street (Stereo).mp3 AC8D60A8
McCalls - Hanky Panky.mp3 AA942859
McCord, Sylvester - Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport.mp3 5E94ED00
Mendel, Ed - I Remember You (Stereo).mp3 F834C8F4
Miller, Steve - I Love How You Love Me (Stereo).mp3 12174714
Miller, Steve - Light My Fire (Stereo).mp3 A119E5E4
Moore, Sammie (of Sam & Dave Fame) - No Particular Place To Go (Stereo).mp3 5E5BA249
Mummies - Tell Her No.mp3 EC827CF6
Murphy, Bill - Devil Woman (Stereo).mp3 3DAA5F07
Music City Chorus & Orchestra W Samayami  - Sukiyaki.mp3 2CF1720D
Music City Five - Maria Elena.mp3 7651C8AD
Music City Five - Memphis.mp3 D16EA185
Music City Five - Pipeline (Stereo).mp3 97045DA7
Music City Five - Wipe Out (Stereo).mp3 65A84333
Music City Five & 10 - Washington Square (Stereo0.mp3 FEA1337B
Music City Orchestra - The Stripper (Stereo).mp3 FEEFE76F
Music City Orchestra - Walk Right In (Stereo).mp3 48054ACC
Music City Singers - Beans In My Ears (Stereo).mp3 72E7F935
Music City Singers - Today.mp3 B36A9A18
Nashville Five - A Taste Of Honey (Stereo).mp3 001E87B1
Nashville Five - Batman Theme (Stereo).mp3 EA411BC0
Nashville Five - Shangri La (Stereo).mp3 CC1805F2
New Orleans Band - Born Free (Stereo).mp3 C5AED210
New Society Group - Love Is Blue (Stereo).mp3 F0B32446
New Society Group - Soulful Strut (Stereo).mp3 91EC1F2B
Oliver, Ward - Next Door To An Angel.mp3 017FBF11
Ott, Jackie - From a Jack to a King (Stereo).mp3 859B3D49
Ott, Jackie - Out Of My Mind.mp3 5E7FE675
Percell, Boots - Rinky Dink (Stereo).mp3 DB8DB82C
Phillips, Richard - Kansas City Star.mp3 08DDEEB8
Porter, Jim (Herbert Hunter) - Dr. Feelgood.mp3 53EA1B18
Preston, John   Blue On Blue (Stereo).mp3 E143F5C4
Preston, John - Speaking Of Broken Hearts (Stereo).mp3 ACE4455A
Preston, John - Walking Proud (Stereo).mp3 064A4C71
Preston, John - You Were Gone.mp3 1D89AF77
Purcell, Boots - Desafinado (Stereo).mp3 6F76CE89
Richards, Betty - How Does That Grab You Darlin' (Stereo).mp3 C73BCE1F
Richards, Betty - These Boots Are Made For Walking (Stereo).mp3 03D97800
Richards, Katy   All Alone Am I (Stereo].mp3 4E9A6226
Richards, Katy - Judy's Turn To Cry (Stereo).mp3 0B6F130A
Richards, Katy - Losing You (Stereo).mp3 C1B3F7D1
Richards, Sylvia - Blame In On The Bossa Nova (Stereo).mp3 2FC0006B
Roamers - (Just Like) Romeo And Juliet (Stereo)Hit.mp3 0E295C88
Roamers - Be True To Your School (Stereo).mp3 7C396484
Roamers - Because (Stereo).mp3 1BA269BD
Roamers - Bits & Pieces (Stereo).mp3 39C3C8FE
Roamers - Dead Man's Curve (Stereo).mp3 333CF035
Roamers - Eve Of Destruction.mp3 6ABF658D
Roamers - Everything's Alright (Stereo).mp3 70477453
Roamers - Hang On Sloopy.mp3 A9709306
Roamers - Hey Little Cobra (Stereo).mp3 3CC51196
Roamers - I Get Around (Stereo).mp3 0FEF1044
Roamers - I Want Candy.mp3 1D065B80
Roamers - Little G.T.O. (Stereo).mp3 F144DAAC
Roamers - Little Old Lady From Pasadena (Stereo).mp3 6AB8FD18
Roamers - Love Potion Number 9 (Stereo).mp3 59915089
Roamers - Never Forget Me (Stereo).mp3 32B7ED13
Roamers - Ride The Wild Surf (Stereo).MP3 80F12A84
Roamers - Tobacco Road (Stereo).mp3 3C4AA3F0
Roamers - We Built a 409 (Stereo).mp3 907A2FDB
Roamers - When I Grow Up To Be A Man (Stereo).mp3 1F77BDC5
Roamers - Yesterday's Gone (Stereo).mp3 64427CD9
Roamers - You're The Only Girl For Me (Stereo).mp3 F51A62BC
Rubin, Dan Orchestra - The Lonely Bull (Stereo).mp3 E08BDF63
Russell, Bobby - Little Band Of Gold (Stereo).mp3 F1BC99D0
Russell, Bobby - Still (Stereo).mp3 82D800CC
Russell, Bobby & Tennessee Three - Reverend Mr. Black (Stereo).mp3 E2210139
Sammy & Theodore - Homeward Bound (Stereo).mp3 FF9A861B
Sandy (Posey) - Bang Bang (Stereo).mp3 6957E880
Scott, Betty - My Whole World Is Falling Down (Stereo).mp3 F1D3E820
Scott, Buddy - May The Bird Of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose.mp3 30DC103D
Scotties - Popsicles & Icicles (Stereo).mp3 068453FB
Shannon, Kathy - Do You Know The Way To San Jose (Stereo).mp3 E0E1515C
Shannon, Kathy - Harper Valley P.T.A. (Stereo)).mp3 9912A146
Shannon, Kathy - I'll Take It Back (Stereo).mp3 B770B568
Shannon, Kathy - Love Eyes (Stereo).mp3 57F7DA70
Shannon, Kathy - This Is My Song (Stereo).mp3 1AF67936
Sheridan Brothers - Flowers On The Wall.mp3 DD288F19
Sims, Bobby - Please Love Me Forever.mp3 56122332
Sims, Bobby - San Francisco (Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair) (Stereo).mp3 1172A5B3
Sims, Bobby - Wild Thing.mp3 6AB8F65E
Spades - You've Got Your Troubles (Stereo).mp3 EC80370F
Spartas - Dance, Dance, Dance (Stereo).mp3 F32B2231
Spartas - Good Lovin' (Stereo).mp3 D996B12A
Spartas - Have I The Right (Stereo).mp3 CE78E418
Spartas - House Of The Rising Sun.mp3 9F03917B
Spartas - I'm Crying (Stereo).mp3 C44A1255
Spartas - Sha La La (Stereo)l.mp3 254A1CB4
Swift, Dick - Sealed With A Kiss.mp3 FA7F6B66
Taylor, Kathy - End Of The World (Stereo).mp3 FEDB5E52
Taylor, Kathy - I Can't Stay Mad At You (Stereo).mp3 D7E44D06
Tennessee Six & Four - (Down At) Papa Joe's.mp3 0BC5C558
Thompson, Peggy -  I Sold My Heart To The Junkman.mp3 8A86CF83
Thompson, Peggy - Love Letters (Stereo).mp3 3EAB4851
Thompson, Peggy - Mashed Potato Time (Stereo).mp3 BC402374
Thompson, Peggy - Soldier Boy (Stereo).mp3 26C3F7A9
Tides - Telstar (Stereo).mp3 E03D1F72
Tiller, Floyd - Winchester Cathedral (Stereo).mp3 09F02F4F
Upsetters - No Matter What Shape.mp3 89835191
Van Zandt, Ed - Little Diane (Stereo).mp3 FC80D548
Walls, Tom - Funny Way of Laughing.mp3 41E287D4
Walls, Tom (Voice By Ray Stevens) - Speedy Gonzales.mp3 B4B895FF
Wayne & Dee - I Got You Babe.mp3 AF3D1027
Wayne, Farley - That's Old Fashioned (Stereo).mp3 EB400E20
Wayne, Farley - Wolverton Mountain (Stereo).mp3 84FF5301
White, Jack - I've Got A Tiger By The Tail (Stereo).mp3 D2992AB3
Wilson, Clara - Don't Say Nothin' Bad About My Baby (Stereo).mp3 BC66514A
Wilson, Clara - Easier Said Than Done (Stereo).mp3 36703BD4
Wilson, Clara - Foolish Little Girl (Stereo).mp3 6F5D5738
Wilson, Clara - My Guy (Stereo).mp3 91EB1D17
Wood, Marty - 18 Yellow Roses.mp3 3E02272F
Wood, Marty - 500 Miles Away From Home (Stereo).mp3 4DFE540F
Wood, Marty - I Love You Because.mp3 9862C379
Wood, Marty - In The Misty Moonlight (Stereo).mp3 D85E6BE5
Wood, Marty - Little Things (Stereo).mp3 49BC1F4E
Wood, Marty - Secret Agent Man.mp3 556891EF
Wood, Marty - You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You (Stereo).mp3 9D5ED853
Wrigley, Betty - Selfish One (Stereo).mp3 4ABF1882
York, Betty - My Love (Stereo).mp3 53E6B57B
York, Fred - A Fool Never Learns (Stereo).mp3 EA7863AE
York, Fred - Blue Velvet (Stereo).mp3 8C5E16AB
York, Fred - Broken Hearted Fool Like Me (Stereo).mp3 EB333C4E
York, Fred - Clinging Vine (Stereo).mp3 0D2A0647
York, Fred - Don't Be Afraid Little Darling.mp3 C177F282
York, Fred - Go Away Little Girl (Stereo).mp3 B4E9EB02
York, Fred - Pay It No Mind (Stereo).mp3 2D9AEED2
York, Fred - Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On (Stereo).mp3 4C022533
York, Fred - There! I've Said It Again.mp3 F9D7F345
York, Fred - White On White (Stereo).mp3 DF4AF0B4
York, Sherri - A Sign Of The Times.mp3 CC7E4E12
Young, Jack & Sherry - Jackson (Stereo).mp3 4018C7A7
Young, Sherry - A Single Girl (Stereo).mp3 D17986E2
Zoe, Alpha - Da Doo Ron Ron (Stereo).mp3 FDFB5949
Zoe, Alpha - Everybody Loves A Lover.mp3 92C89480
Zoe, Alpha - Hello Stranger (Stereo).mp3 79A5C381
Zoe, Alpha - Keep Your Hands Off My Baby.mp3 9506F0D7
Zoe, Alpha - Let's Turkey Trot (Stereo).mp3 8B815933
Zoe, Alpha - You Beat Me To The Punch (Stereo).mp3 E26C9D87 from Philo 4th May 2021